The future of music? - NAMM updates

After spending a few days in Anaheim, CA at the NAMM Show, a more-than-100-year-old tradition, I got to see what some consider to be the future of music: new designs for guitars, drums, and pianos; new lines of DJ and mixing equipment; updated editing software. For updates and info on these items, check out However, there’s plenty that will most likely go under the radar this year:

1) Electric bagpipes with a direct out and on-board EQ

2) The Kazoo - not only available in many varieties, but free lessons were also being given

3) A guitar that tunes itself… I didn’t see this demonstration but heard stories of it. It stores the settings for multiple tunings and changes based on user-selection and a simple strum.

4) The Trouble With Boys ( Picture AC/DC at age 12. Most notably, their guitarist shreds something fierce, rivaling many guitarists of any age.

5) The Chapman Stick ( It’s been around since the 70’s, but it still is pretty sweet.

6) 60-year-olds mixing teen screamo bands… For some reason, I think both parties have different aural visions.

7) JamVOX ( Put simply, it is Guitar Hero on CRACK.

8 ) Scratch-and-Sniff CDs & DVDs: Aside from disc replication and duplication as well as album artwork design and package printing, there is a company marketing 50 scents of scratch-and-sniff discs. MP3 who?

This barely scratches the surface of what was at NAMM, but I wanted to give coverage to some of the things that will most likely lose out to news of celebrity sightings, signings, and performances, or pictures of interestingly-designed guitars and some shiny instruments.

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